REPAIRS: We offer a complete repair service for all your Laser Storm equipment. Whatever the issue we can fix it.
PHASER CORDS: New military grade phaser cords, built to last!
BATTERIES: Replace those old batteries with new ones to extend your uptime. A dead vest makes no money.
SHOULDER SENSOR UPGRADES: Give your vests a whole new look with our shoulder sensor upgrade. Brighter and more reliable.
NEW TARGET POD OPTIONS: Add new expanded target pods for your arena. New features keep the customers coming back for more.
BATTERY CHARGER MODS: No more broken battery chargers due to customers taking charging vest off the wall. An inline quick release separates when a charger cord is quickly stretched to its full length.
UPDATED COMPUTERS: You never know when electronics will fail. A new modern computer can be the difference between putting money in the bank from a busy day and down time from a non working computer.
ENERGY POD SCORING MONITORS: Gives your players a view of all game activities and stats from the safety of their energy pods.
NEW BARRIERS: Time for new barriers or a theme change? Regardless of the Laser Storm theme you have, we can provide new or used barriers to replace your worn ones. Or create your own theme!
SCORE CARDS: Everyone loves to take a score card with stats at the end of the game. Buy your score cards for us and $ave.
NEW VESTS: Vests seen better days? Upgrade to our new durable Laser Storm vests and retire those vests that have better days.
BATTERY UPGRADES: Upgrade from sealed lead acid batteries to something more modern with fast charging time!

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